Shri Ram Engineers


EX Valves

Being one of the most trusted manufacturer and exporter of EX Valves, we are offering a wide range of EX Valves in the global markets. We are pleased with the response of clients, which they have shown in, our manufactured EX Valves. Based on that, we have occupied the top position among the listed manufacturers and exporters of EX Valves.

Used For :-
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial Applications
  • Chillers
  • Industrial process cooling
  • Heat pumps
  • Close controls
  • Cold room
  • Superheat controller for stable
  • Superheat control with stepper motor
    driven electronic control

Range :-
  • EN24 (BS817M40)
  • EN52 (BS401s45)
  • 21-4N (BS349S52)

Made By :-
  • Metal gathering upset forging process
  • Bimetallic valves
  • Friction welded

Features :-

Chrome flash on stem Integral rechargeable battery to close EX control valves in case of power loss
Superheat control in conjunction with Emerson stepper Support of TCP/IP Ethernet technology with Web Server
Motor driven electrical control valves Functionality allows monitoring and configuration of
Limitation of evaporating pressure (MOP) Controllers through a standard Web Browser
Low and high superheat alarm Electrical connection via plug-in type screw terminal
Low pressure switch function/alarm Aluminum housing for DIN rail mounting
Freeze protection function/alarm Satellite on seat
Pump down function Tip area Nitriding / Tuftriding
Monitoring of sensors and sensor wiring and detection of sensor and wiring failures Durable
Intelligent alarm management to protect the compressor Required low maintenance